Overnight courier services based in Leicester

The answer is yes, now what’s the question

At Fosseway Freight Ltd, we offer our bespoke overnight courier services for when you need a fast and efficient delivery for the next day. Based in Leicester, we have many reliable overnight delivery partners, so whatever the size of your parcel or cargo we can offer many alternatives depending on the required delivery time and location. 

We offer a cost-effective overnight delivery service and our experienced team go the extra mile to get your parcel across mainland UK. Call us today and book your next overnight delivery.

Our bespoke overnight delivery services

We able to offer you several different timeslots, for when it’s most convenient to make your delivery. These include:

Professional & reliable worldwide delivery solutions

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Our bespoke services for you

As a dedicated courier professional, we want to offer you the best in the business and have your parcels delivered on-time and securely. You can take advantage of many of our services, including: