Secure storage solutions based in Leicester

The answer is yes, now what’s the question

At Fosseway Freight Ltd, we offer short and long-term storage solutions for large or small stock sizes. Coupled with the latest in computerised stock management technology, you’ll be in control of your stock and can view your inventory online. Based in Leicester, we provide this service and more for products coming in from around the UK or anywhere worldwide.
As a dedicated storage company, we offer complete security of your stock and provide high-quality CCTV security systems all around our warehouse facilities. This can ensure your stock is secure and give you some peace of mind. Contact our team today for all our storage solutions best suited to meet your needs.

Our storage company expertise

We have access to over 400,000 square feet of warehousing space, which have large arctic and small van loading facilities. As a reliable and professional storage company, we can unload and palletise containers, in addition to picking and packing goods ready for forwarding. We’re also happy to welcome any nominated transport organised by you or your customer, so you have the most optimal storage solution to fit your needs.

Professional & reliable worldwide delivery solutions

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What we offer you as storage solution professionals

Fosseway Freight Ltd strive to provide a high-quality and bespoke service. Our services can include: